Who's Got the Boudoir Bug? | Photography Meet Ups & Connecting in the 'Burgh

Well, well, well....I just came up with a fabulous idea dahling (she says in her best British accent). Boudoir CCG

I have been attending an online workshop these last few weeks (can you "attend" and online anything?? I have no idea...anyway...) and last night I sat straight up out of bed because the light beaming from the bulb above my head woke me up out of a dead sleep. In this workshop, there is a fabulous community of women doing their best to rock their awesome boudoir photography asses and it's been a super-fun experience hangin' out with these swell gals and I thought....what if, just whaaaaaat if, I opened up my studio for a boudoir photographer get-together?

Here me out. What if all us rockstar boudoir and beauty photographers planned a night of cocktails, music and shop talk?? Just a night to relax, hang out and share our battle scars? ;-)

What this IS: a fun evening for aspiring and seasoned boudoir and/or beauty photographers to relax, unwind and be with other kick-ass, like-minded women. Even if this is still just a bitty dream in your head, feel free to join us.

What this is NOT: a forum to complain, cry or otherwise bring bad juju or general party-pooping up in our pad. ;-)

Bring it sisters. Let's do this.