Jill Scott | Atlantic City | Yeah Baby (and a Photo Walk/DSLR Workshop reminder)

Jill Scott Atlantic City-0001I was star struck. I was probably never so excited about seeing someone live as I was with Jill Scott. Have you heard of her? If you haven't you have to check her out because, simply put, she's magnificent. She's neo-soul meets beat poetry and then mixed with love, everyday life and then dipped in boom. She's a beautiful and so crazy talented force. John and I wanted to see her here in the 'Burgh but when we learned we would be out of town during her concert here there was no question we would drive to Atlantic City to see her and the 12 hours of driving in 48 hrs was so worth it. It was our first time seeing Ms. Jill and we both agreed we would travel anywhere to see her again. Her presence, that band, her voice....that. music. The people around me had to have gotten so sick of me screaming my head off. I could've stayed there all night listening to her.

Jill Scott Atlantic City-0002 Jill Scott Atlantic City-0003And just for a bit more entertainment, give a watch of John's 'lil film we did on our travels to and fro. We had so much fun...ahem...maaaayyyybe a bit too much fun. Oy. ;-)


Aaaaaand for all you photog peeps out there. Don't forget about the upcoming Photo Walk on 8/30.

Photo Walks: Free -Bring a friend -Make a friend -Ask John anything; it will be a Q&A format. Pick one or two topics from the Q&A to focus on. -We will meet at our studio on the North Side (see below) -These will be outdoor walks at the park across the street, weather pending. Should it rain the walk will be changed to a sit in our studio.

Aaaaaaaand for all you photo peeps wanting a bit more of an in-depth session on how to use that fancy DSLR, don't forget about our upcoming DSLR workshop, which is limited to 5 people.

Workshops: $100 -Learn what ISO, f-stop and shutter speed mean. -You will learn how to create a photo in-camera in Manual. -Understand exposure. -Class is limited to 5 people

To RSVP to either please email us at elizabethcraig@me.com