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Healing Self Harm From Within-0003Sometimes in this lifetime you come across a person that is so fascinating, whose story is so intimate, so touching and so incredibly complex it just sears itself right into your soul. This is the story of Lisa.

For now, this story is a "Coming Soon" for The Beauty Within Foundation because there is so much to tell you. There is so much pain, so much horror....yet so much beauty, so much healing and so much hope that resides deep inside of it that to put it all into one post and let it loose would be to dishonor her story.

Lisa is brave. She is one of the strongest women I have ever met and not just because she survived some of the most horrible acts I have only ever read about that people can do to each other...but because her capacity for forgiveness, for healing and hope is so vast you wonder where it comes from. And lastly because Lisa made the decision to share her deeply personal 35 year journey in this life with the world in hopes of not only shedding light on self harm, but also to send a message to others that may be going through what Lisa, still to this day, struggles with that there is hope. There is peace. Life is worth living.

Healing Self Harm From Within-0004

From Lisa after her session:

"There are so many things I want to say and will later when I have time, but quickly I wanted to tell you that one question you asked really sat with me regarding what I hoped my blog and getting my story out would do for me and others...

My hope is that it helps and shows me and others not only how to survive, but also to live...to truly live life with confidence, happiness and grace.

I cannot begin to say thank you enough for what you, your husband and Justine have done for me. So thank you.

I want you to know that my life is better having you in it too. I have said to my therapist a thousand times that I just needed something or someone to help me want to stay...to give me hope again...hope for the world, but most importantly for myself and you have done that. So thank you!"

Healing Self Harm From Within-0001With Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.