A Journey of Healing

Beauty Portraits Pittsburgh-0002Sometimes a shoot comes along that really touches me. I have said before how humbling it so to me when women believe that what I do can help them along in their own personal journeys. It really amazes me that some women can put such trust in me. I have heard a lot of stories, shed tears alongside and been privy to epiphanies belonging to my clients. It's always an honor and privilege to share these moments with the women I meet. And this session just so happened to be one of those sessions. It was powerful, revealing, intimate and so very special. We talked, we laughed, we sincerely connected and took the day and made art. It was a truly beautiful day. It was a session that will stay with me forever.

And here is the response from this beautiful, incredible woman after her session with me:

"Hi Elizabeth,

It was a great pleasure meeting you too. You have a phenomenal personality and you are beyond awesome. I trusted you immediately. I appreciate your work and your philosophy behind what you do.

Maybe I'm not the best person in expressing what I think, but what I am trying to say here is that you are an artist and a wonderful woman.

Truly....I enjoyed every minute. Thank you for listening to my story and thank you for taking a part in my healing journey. The minute I stepped out of your studio, I felt confident already. I am so grateful."

Beauty Portraits Pittsburgh-0001 Beauty Portraits Pittsburgh-0003

I am so grateful.

Lovely makeup by Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.