The Beauty Within Foundation | Nominations are Open!

BWILOGOOK--so you now know that The Beauty Within Foundation is live and ready to change the world. So, what does this mean? This means that every quarter we will choose a certain number of women or girls to be recipients of our Foundation. Not sure what I'm talking about? Go here and here. You won't be disappointed. In order to award recipients, we need nominations. So we have officially opened up the next quarter to receive nominations! Woo hoo! You can now nominate your superhero up through September of this year.

So now you're wondering what kind of woman or girl should be nominated...I can help you there.

~Do you know a female that has survived something that blows your mind? ~Do you know a female that has triumphed over odds you would never have bet against? ~Do you know a female that has achieved something that makes your jaw drop? ~Do you know a female that has made a difference in the world by being an inspiration and leader in their community? ~Have any of those beautiful heroes used their super powers to help inspire and heal others in the world?

And if you're still not sure what it takes to be a recipient, then go read the current stories of our current recipients and definitely watch the films.

Why are you sitting here reading this?? Nominate someone!