Never Forget Your Beauty Within

Remembering Your Beauty Within-0001-2Somehow between the time we are the little girls that rule the world, and believe with all our hearts that we are the most coolest chickadees that walk the earth, and the time we think we're all growed-up, we lose our sense of awesomeness. And we look at a photo like this, and hopefully the film that follows, and we think " be that young again. That naive. That full of confidence." But just what if...what if we reached down deep to that super-cool girl inside, grabbed her hand and brought her out to play for a while?

This is my daughter, Ella. She's the most amazing gal I know. As you can see, she thinks so too...which makes her even cooler. I simply wrote "I Am..." five times on that black board and told her to answer with whatever she thought about herself. Pretty neat-o, right?

Never forget how precious you are. Never forget how full of worth you are, to yourself and others. Never forget the kid that just knew they were the most out-of-sight cool cat around that was going to take the world by storm.

Never, ever, forget your Beauty Within.

Very special thank you to Ms. Hannah Conard of Hannah Conard Beauty for her beautiful hair and makeup styling on my sweet little girl.

Stay lots more for you to see from this shoot!