This Ones for Her

Beauty Boudoir Photography Before & After-0001She made it a point after bouncing into the studio (she was so excited for her session and that made me just thrilled!!) to make sure to tell me that, although her fiancé will certainly benefit from this session, this experience was definitely for her. And that just made. my. day. For some reason the women that come to me for themselves entirely, or even just a bit more than for him (or her), seem to enjoy themselves so much more. It's like a release for allow themselves this luxury treat. When you don't need an excuse to do it, somehow it makes you just a bit more giddy for the experience. And the experience on this day was a completely unabashed sizzle of electricity! N was just buzzing all the way through the session. She hit the mark every single time and each photo just got better and better.

This ones for you N! Well done!!Beauty Boudoir Photography-0001-2

Beauty Boudoir Photography-0002-2

Got lots for you to feast your eyes on soon!

Lovely makeover by Hannah Conard of Hannah Conard Beauty.