Girl Next Door

Beauty Photography Before & After-0001That's what S reminds me of in this set of photos. Isn't she adorable?? Look closer'll see a beautifully confident and strong woman in there too. One minute she was giggling and the next she was knocking my socks off with that sexy stare. Beauty Boudoir Photography-0002Beauty Boudoir Photography-0005Every turn we took, S was letting her inner glamazon come alive. As soon as she walked in the studio there was a buzz about her. She was excited, nervous and instantly settled in for what she knew was going to be a fun ride. I could have kept her there all day; her excitement was so contagious. She was up for anything, loved everything and let Hannah and me just take over and I love that...because when you let the pros do their thing, not only do you have your best chance at getting gorgeous photos, but a weight is lifted from you, allowing you to just be clay in our hands. You let someone else have control, allowing you to relax and let your walls down...and THIS is what makes great photos. So thank you were a BLAST to photograph. ;-)

I have a bit more to come with this one so stay tuned.

Beauty Boudoir Photography-0004 Beauty Boudoir Photography-0003 Beauty Boudoir Photography-0001Gorgeous makeover by Hannah Conard of Hannah Conard Beauty.