Seeking Women that Seriously Kick Ass

BWILOGOYou probably don't remember this, but some years ago I tried to build a project called The Beauty Within. I wanted women to come to me with their incredible stories of survival and triumph. The response was giant and unfortunately it was way too big for one 'lil photographer to handle. So on the back burner it went. Then I met Cait. Cait came in for a session about 2 years ago and it was kismet. We were friends instantly. Thankfully she had such a wonderful session she kept in touch and would, from time to time, talk with me about doing something for women from a more charitable angle. I talked with her about my failed Beauty Within project and then talked with her about how busy I was with 2 businesses, a child, husband, house....oy vey. Even more thankfully, Cait was quite persistent. She would send me links to similar projects other photographers were working on, always softly encouraging me to get back in that game.

Well, I am thrilled to say Cait's persistence paid off. I finally got to a year where I decided to take much less work so I could focus on a slower life. This allowed space for a new project (because if you know me at all, "slow" simply does not compute). So now Cait, Justine, Hannah, a lovely and super duper smart woman named Kimmie and myself have joined super powers to finally breathe life back into The Beauty Within.

This time it will be done right! With the brains and perseverance of this powerful team of women, we are actually turning The Beauty Within project into a real live actual 501c non-profit foundation. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

There is so much to tell you on who, what, where and how but for now I'm simply reaching out and asking for your help in getting this wonderful foundation off the ground. What am I asking of you? I need you to tell me about any woman you know that has an amazing story about finding her beauty within. Someone that is such a force, either in her survival, achievements, victories and/or community that you believe she should be recognized through our foundation. I will be having a kick-off event in June (more on that later) and you're all invited! But in order to have the kick-off event I need some brave and incredible women to help me through their stories.

So how do you do this and what do these women get? Email us at and tell us about a special woman that you think would be an inspiration to other women by sharing her story. We are only looking for about 5 women right now. Each woman will be able to tell their story and get a glamorous makeover by either Justine or Hannah and a photo shoot with me. Each woman will go home with a small album of a selection of their photos and all edited, high-resolution digital files with printing rights. Each woman will also be featured on our website (coming soon) so that others can be inspired by their stories of triumph.

Special thanks to the BW team, and especially Cait. Without your persistence and chutzpah this wouldn't be happening. ;-)

So...ladies...get to work. Let's celebrate some of those kick-ass women out there!