My Magicians | Before & After Boudoir Photography | Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography Before & After-1Gosh I love before & afters. I never ever get tired of watching a woman see herself all glammed up after walking in sporting sweat pants and no makeup. It makes my day. And as much as I'd love to take credit for all that beauty, truth be told it's my stylists that are the magicians. They see a blank canvas and just go to work...what's left is a gorgeous version of a gorgeous woman. This beautiful before & after was done by Hannah. She did an amazing job. What I love about my stylists is that I just let them do their thing. No need for my input...I know nothing about hair and makeup. Pittsburgh Boudoir Beauty Photographer-2 Pittsburgh Boudoir Beauty Photographer-1 Pittsburgh Boudoir Beauty Photographer-4I may take not-so-bad photos, but when you see these before & afters, it's the stylists you should give your kudos to.

Kudos to you, Hannah!