What You Need to Know About Boudoir Photography

Hmmmmm......sooooooooo.....what do you think you'd like to know about Boudoir Photography? I get a ton of questions, both from women considering a session and from people in general that are just curious about how it all goes down. I get it; if you would've told me 10 years ago that I'd be doing this I would never have believed you (and giggled while blushing all at the same time). But here I am. And I could not be happier. So let's get some things straight. Let's just put it all out there so you're more informed about what this type of photography is, why it's so popular and what it all entails.

Boudoir Photography is not about sex. Though the photos take on a sensual tone, please remember that "sexual" is different from "sensual". We women are inherently sensual. It's been documented for thousands of years that our sensuality has started wars, stopped wars before they started, built cities, brought cities to their knees, opened minds, wallets and car doors. Sensuality, and thus boudoir photography, is about confidence, empowerment and being in touch with the ultimate sensual side of your femininity.

Sensual Boudoir Photos Elizabeth Craig Photography-0001

Boudoir Photography isn't all boudoir. Picked up a copy of Vogue or Harper's Bazaar lately? Can you feel the sensuality and power dripping from those photos? Notice anything? Yup. All those women are pretty much fully clothed. I have women that will say "I really love your photography but I'm just not the kinda gal that can be photographed in a thong." Hee hee...me neither. So if you happen to take a peek at my portfolio you will see I photograph beauty in all kind of ways. Though you may believe you're coming for a session for him, you should remember that this is for you too. These photos will live on for, hopefully, generations to come. I want you to exude power and beauty and I want you to know that you can still have that fully clothed or not. Fashion plays a giant role in under (and over) tones in photographs. So whether it's a thong, a gown, a negligee, a pants suit or nothing at all, the point of the photos is you, not just your bum. ;-)

Boudoir Beauty Photos Elizabeth Craig Photography-0002

Boho Boudoir Photos Elizabeth Craig Photography-0002A Boudoir Photography session with me is about the experience for you. I cannot speak for other photographers, but when you reserve a session with me it's not just about the photos. This is a luxury. This is an experience. This may be the only time you do anything like this (though from the list of my 2nd and 3rd timers, don't count on it ;-)) so I know that I must make this a worthwhile affair. So while, again, you may think the photos are for him, the experience is all for you. We scheme, build, dream and then we beautify, polish and glamorize, then we play, pose and make that dream come alive.  Dream, build, experience...and then relive it all every time you look at your photos.

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Beware: a Boudoir Photography session with me will change you. I can't tell you how many times clients have come back to me and said every line you see below:

"I haven't been friends with that side of myself in a really long time. So happy to see it's still there!"

"I dress differently now. I walk differently now. People notice me now. I have a confidence I didn't have before."

"I had so much fun! When I walked into your studio I was terrified! Now all I'm wondering is when I can schedule another session with you!"

"I thought I would hate my photos. I thought I would look at my photos and wonder why in the world I thought I could do this. And I see them and I think: YES! That IS me! I did it!"

"No one has ever been able to capture the real me. I look at photos of myself and I see a fake smile and an embarrassed look on my face. When I look at my photos from our session, I see the woman I knew was inside of me waiting to burst out. I knew she was in there."

All I'm saying is, be prepared to love yourself. ;-)

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Boudoir Photography is for all ages. The words "boudoir photography" should not be seen as one-dimensional. It's very layered, very open and can mean different things to different women. The point is, boudoir photography is what you want it to be and, truthfully, should be called Beauty Photography. It's about your beauty (inside and out!), not your bedroom.  So if you come to me and you say "I just want beautiful photos of me. I want to see them and believe in myself. I want to feel beautiful, powerful and confident and when I look at my photos, that's what I want to see staring back at me" then it doesn't matter what your age is. Everyone of us has seen a woman at some time or another at every age (babies to grandmothers!) that just glowed. There is beauty at every age. Don't doubt it.

High School Senoir Photos Elizabeth Craig Photography-0002Beauty Boudoir Photos Elizabeth Craig Photography-0001

Boudoir Photography is for all sizes. Quit thinking about what other people will think if/when they see your photos. Who gives a shit. This isn't for them. It's for you. So if you're a size, whatever that may be, that you're comfortable with and have accepted, then come see me. This doesn't mean I am going to photograph all your wobbly bits and show them off for the world to see. No matter what size you are, it's my job to make you look and feel your best and that means accentuating what you like, while minimizing what you don't. That I can do. What I can't do is turn you into Kim Kardashian, which I get asked. A lot. Kim wants her photos so edited it's not her. I don't do that. So if you're an 8 and you want to be a 6, I cannot help you. I can't fix "I hate myself" in Photoshop. But what I can do is retouch your photos so that you still look like you, just a bit more polished. You will be beautiful, pinkie swear. I keep booking sessions so I must be doing something right!Boudoir Maternity Photos Elizabeth Craig Photography-0001Boudoir Photos Elizabeth Craig Photography-0001

No matter what, just remember: it's not how the photograph looks, it how it makes you feel. ;-)

All fabulous makeovers above by Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.