Featured | Carats & Cake | Kristina & David

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 9.01.26 AMWell I just get all gooey and squishy inside when I hear that another blog likes us so much they want to show the world our work. Have you heard of Carats & Cake? They are a modern blog with a romantic and classic appeal and I drool over their stuff on a regular basis. So when they emailed me to see if they could feature a past wedding of ours I was all like "Ummm...psht...YA BABY!" Kristina and David had such a glamorous and dreamy wedding. It was our big kick-off wedding of the year and wow did it start our season with a bang. Such a sweet, lovely and adorable couple. To watch David dote all over Kristina just made my heart all melty. So if you have time make sure to drop by and show them some love. They deserve!!