Sweet & Spicy

Before and After Boudoir Photography-0001 Ahhhhh....yes another Before & After. I just LOVE those! I have had so many women come into my studio and say "When I went to your website and saw your photos I thought for sure you were just photographing models, but trying to make us all believe they were everyday women. Then I saw your Before & After gallery and I realized that, yep....they are everyday women like me! So I figured, if they could do it, I could too." I love hearing that.

I get this question a lot: how many wardrobe changes do I get. Well, I think 4 is a good number. I will tell you that anytime I go above 4 wardrobe changes, it becomes more about the outfit and quantity than it does about quality and the beautiful woman wanting beautiful photos of herself. With 4 outfits we can kind of hit all the different styles and personalities I know women have:

~Soft Boudoir: straight up lingerie but the more softer look, such as a negligee, sweet little bodysuit and robes. ~Glamour or Beauty: more fashion forward and editorial style (dresses, gowns, skirts, pants, jackets...etc) ~Soft and Fem: sweaters and panties, t-shirts, leggings...etc ~Powerful Boudoir: straight up lingerie too, but a bit more edgy and with poses that are way more powerful and angular than softer.

I like to hit all of these so each woman gets a bit of a complex variety to match each woman's complex style.

For now, I'm showing you the sweet and the spicy. ;-) A bit of "Free People" and a bit of "Maxim"


Boudoir Photography in Pittsburgh-0001 Boudoir Photography in Pittsburgh-0002 Boudoir Photography in Pittsburgh-0003Beautiful makeover by the beautiful Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.