She invited me...

...into her home. It's not often that I receive a request to photograph in a client's home but I'm always thrilled when I do. It opens up a whole new world. I know what you're thinking: "My house? Psht. There is nothing at my house that I would want in my photos." You're wrong. There's you. You are the subject, the main focus, the reason for the session. Not your curtains. As you can see from the photos below, A's session had nothing to do with her home. A lives in a beautiful log cabin and stone-type home and the bedroom was dark and moody, with just that bit of window light coming in. It's all I needed. All we did was walk around her home and follow the light. What was so fun about this session was that A's fiance had no idea that when we came up the day before for their engagement session on their land that A had put us all up at a hotel that night to come back the next day while he was at work so I could photograph her beauty session for his wedding gift.

I adore implied nudes. No clothing to take away from the subject....just skin and curves. There is something so vulnerable, not only about nudes, but nudes in a woman's personal space. It's so intimate, and that makes her gift that much more meaningful.

Beautiful Nudes-2Beautiful Nudes-3Beautiful Nudes-4Beautiful Nudes-1

Wardrobe, hair and makeup styling by Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified (even though you don't see any wardrobe, hair or makeup styling...yet ;-))