Heart of a Servant. Strength of a Fighter.

NMO Fighter-0005 500,000: how many cases of NMO that have been documented worldwide.

Unknown: how many people have died as a result of NMO.

3 to 90: the age range of those that NMO can strike.

9: how many years John has lived with NMO.

7: how many months pregnant I was when we found out John had NMO.

20+: how many times I have written his eulogy in my head.

5: how many years it was touch and go.

4: how many years it's been since John decided to fight back.

Weekly: the times John gets emails from people around the world telling him their story of living with NMO and what an inspiration he is to them.

Daily: the times John exercises in an effort to stay alive for Ella and me.

10: how many races John has run for those who cannot.

9.28.14: the date John ran the Great Race this year.

16,000: how many people ran the Great Race alongside John.

1: how many people with NMO ran the 2014 Great Race.

6: the number of weeks John has been going thru an NMO attack, and ran the race anyway.

56: the minutes it took John to cross the finish line in the 10k for the 2014 Great Race.

Infinity and beyond: how proud I am of my fighter.

Fight. Fight Hard. Never Give Up.

NMO Fighter-0004