The Many Faces of a Woman | Boudoir Photographer | Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-0007 Ahhhhh yes....the many faces of a woman. Playful, seductive, fun, casual, elegant, sensual, bewitching...and on and on and on. I think a session that includes as many attributes as possible is what makes it successful. Women are very complex and we wear many faces in a day depending on who we're standing next to.

You saw a bit of S from a previous post and here are a few other photos from her day with me. S was a crazy amount of fun to hang out with. Wow was she funny....and just a good way. ;-) Right when you least expected it she would deliver a one-liner that had both Justine and me rolling. And then with a snap, all of a sudden she turned into a Vogue model right before our eyes, then twirl around like a little girl playing dress up the very next moment. It was fun to capture all of those sides with her...what a day.

Makeup or can you not love a face like that!

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-0008Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-0009Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-0001-2Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-0005-2Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-0003-2Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-0004-2Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-0006-2Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-0002-2Hair & makeup by Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified (duh. ;-))