Getting Your Mojo Back | Beauty & Boudoir Photography | Pittsburgh

Before & After Boudoir Photos-0001 All women lose themselves at some point. Most of us find our way back and I always cheer a woman that courageously searches for and works to get their mojo back. This is what brought Y to my studio. Going through an amicable divorce at this time in her life, Y decided that she wanted to feel pretty again... and remind herself that yes, she is a beautiful and strong woman that is simply starting a new and exciting chapter in her life.

Before & After Boudoir Photos-0003

And as you'll see in more photos to come (and the photo below), Y has more mojo than I think she'll know what to do with. ;-)

Y was lovely, down to earth, had a mouth like a sailor (just like me ;-)) and was just damn funny. I could have photographed her all day long...and then went out together for a beer and cheeseburger afterwards.

Before & After Boudoir Photos-0002Gorgeous transformation by the glamorous Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.