The Big Red Dress | Beauty Portraiture | Pittsburgh

Can't get enough of that big red dress. I have had this big red dress for over a year and have never used it, till this session. In fact, I had no intention of using it at this particular session but when J set her eyes on it, I saw kismet . She's a bit of an outdoorsy kinda gal and a tomboy so I was excited to see her let herself go with this. We chose a location outdoors to really let loose. Also had to throw in 2 black and white portraits just 'cuz I loved 'em so much.

I'm smitten. ;-)

Pittsburgh Glam the Dress Photos-0003Pittsburgh Glam the Dress Photos-0002Pittsburgh Glam the Dress Photos-0007Pittsburgh Glam the Dress Photos-0004Pittsburgh Glam the Dress Photos-0001Pittsburgh Glam the Dress Photos-0006Pittsburgh Glam the Dress Photos-0005 Hair & makeup by Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.