$20 Wedding Dress = Glamour, Beauty and Legacy

Glamorous Beauty Portraits Pittsburgh-0002Wha?? Did I just say I bought a wedding dress for $20, ripped it apart, dyed the hell out of it (tossed in a nude, vintage bustier with all that dye) and then proceeded to make magic out of it? Why, yes. Yes, I did. Amazing what you can find from an estate sale of a bonafide member of the 1%. Well...my, my, my...that's just absolutely fabulous (she says in her most convincing British accent, dahhhhling).

From this...

photo 1

...to this:

photo 2-1

...ahhhhhhh.....to this....

photo 3

And finally...

Glamorous Beauty Portraits Pittsburgh-0003Glamorous Beauty Portraits Pittsburgh-0005Glamorous Beauty Portraits Pittsburgh-0006Glamorous Beauty Portraits Pittsburgh-0004Sssswwwwwwooooooooooooon........wonder what she'll think when she looks back on these 20 years from the wedding date for which these photos were inspired??

Makeup, hair and a sprinkling of absolute fabulousness from the ever-so-divine Ms. Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.