Timeless | Beauty Portraits Photographer | Pittsburgh

That's how I'd love for my photography to be described. Of course the words amazing, gorgeous and award-winning wouldn't bother me but I'll take timeless.  I know that every photograph of a woman taken by me can't be described that way (they didn't have thongs in 1812??) but when I can nail that classic, timeless look it really makes my day. That's what I was going for in this series with A. You've seen a few from 2 other posts and we did a bunch of traditional boudoir along with this series but it is this series I fell in love with. She fell right into character. I would tell her who she was in each set and she just fell right into being that character instantly. That's rare that I get an immediate response like that. That's partnering. Without her being able to bring home the connection in her eyes I would have nothing.

Soft, yet powerful. Sensual, yet timeless. What I love most about this series is that A could hang any one of these photos in her home and anyone could see them and not feel uncomfortable about staring at her photograph. Which is the desired effect...at least on my end.

Love those freckles.

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photos Beauty Portraits-0002Pittsburgh Boudoir Photos Beauty Portraits-0001Hair & Makeup by the ever-so-talented Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.