Are You Gutsy? | Boudoir Photography | Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-0003 So much guts does it take to allow a photographer to photograph you? OK--not that much. How about when you're barely clothed trying to bring forth expressions that are usually only saved for the one you love? Well...that changes significantly, right?

The fact is it takes a gutsy woman to commit and pull off a session with me. How often are you in front a camera? How often do you have to muster a deep connection with a lens to produce a true photograph with emotion, a story and yes...guts. I like gutsy photographs and I like gutsy women. No matter how nervous or how timid women are that come into my studio they are still gutsier than me. It takes a lot of guts to do this and I celebrate each of you that has spilled your guts for me. ;-)

Think about it...most of my clients don't meet me face-to-face until they walk in my studio and a lot only know me through email conversations. Being in front a camera in front of a stranger is daring. Giving yourself permission to drop your walls, become vulnerable and wrap yourself in a cloak of sensuality and nakedness (and I mean to the bone, not skin) to capture a photograph that is raw with passion is downright brave. Try doing it in your mirror when no one is around. I bet it takes you at least 5 tries before you're not front of yourself. Now imagine that mirror is me, in a room you've never been in, scantily clothed, attempting to connect sensually....with a camera lens. Oof. Good thing I know what I'm doing, eh?

So, here's to all you gutsy-ass women out there. This is me saluting you for bringing your guts to me and allowing me to turn all that awesomeness into art. You inspire me.

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Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-0001

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Hair & makeup styling by Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.