Bridal Boudoir Photography | Pittsburgh

So yes....everyone knows by now that a boudoir photography session is an incredible option for a gift on your wedding night. And it's such a win/win. You get a fabulous experience and proof that you totally rock. He gets the surprise of a lifetime that his girl actually did this for him. Win. Win. I will say that most brides don't bother to include much "bridal" wear in their bridal boudoir sessions. Sometimes we'll throw in a white negligee or something but when working with C, we actually threw in a few pieces to really bring it together. The gown you see was actually from China that was purchased by a friend of mine as a back up in case her real wedding gown didn't turn out so hot from the seamstress. It did work out perfectly, which was a good thing because, if you'll notice on the wedding gown below, the top is totally sheer save for 2 patches of lace over the obvious parts of a woman that needs a bit of coverage. Not so good for a wedding, awesome for a bridal boudoir session. ;-)

I loooooved all of these looks on C. Of course it helped that we were in a suite at a lovely hotel. That really added some lovely elements to photographs.

Bridal Boudoir Session Pittsburgh-8Bridal Boudoir Session Pittsburgh-6Bridal Boudoir Session Pittsburgh-4Bridal Boudoir Session Pittsburgh-3Bridal Boudoir Session Pittsburgh-5Bridal Boudoir Session Pittsburgh-7Fabulous hair and makeup styling by Rachel Carr of Beauty Justified.