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Ka-POW. That's N. Walkin' in with all kindsa swagger, knowing full well she was about to get down with this session. And folks, girl. got. down. There isn't a woman that walks through my door wondering if she can do what she's about to attempt to do....but some women come to the conclusion quicker than others that yes yes's goin' down.

After working with N on her session we knew what direction we wanted to take and once we chose her wardrobe it was all down hill from there. Simply put, she kicked some serious booty. I loved that N loved her body and had the confidence to really put herself out there for every single photograph. She moved her body this way and that, changed her hands and facial expression and just really went with the flow. I barely had to say a word to her to get what I wanted.

This is only a bit of a taste. N and I will be back showing some more in a bit. ;-)

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