Before & After Beauty Portraiture | Boudoir Photography | Pittsburgh

Beauty Portraiture Pittsburgh-8-2 Wow this gal had a smile that lit up a room! Beautiful inside and out, N was full of fun and laughs all throughout her session. In fact, my favorite series of photos is when N was giving the lens an awesome stare down when I told her to roll her left shoulder a bit more and she rolled her right. That happens ALL the time with every single client and when I said....nope...your other left, she just burst into laughter and I caught the most awesomest photos of the day. LOVE that smile!!

Could have photographed that face all day long.

Beauty Portraiture Pittsburgh-1Beauty Portraiture Pittsburgh-2 Beauty Portraiture Pittsburgh-3Beauty Portraiture Pittsburgh-4 Beauty Portraiture Pittsburgh-5 Beauty Portraiture Pittsburgh-6 Beauty Portraiture Pittsburgh-8 Beauty Portraiture Pittsburgh-7

Gorgeous transformation by Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.