The Female Form | Artistic Nudes | Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Artistic Nudes-6 So I've been playing around lately with light. I do this a lot but not so much with artificial light. I've been working with natural light for so long that it's very easy for me to bend it here, push it there, block it, enhance it and manipulate it to do whatever I need it to do. I looooove natural light. It's soft and sweet to me.

Every once in a while I push myself outside of my comfort zone and play with artificial light. I borrowed John's video light, hooked it up to a stand and played around with it to see what I could do with artistic nudes. I've recently started collecting these photos at my sessions when I get the chance and I'm excited to get some in the natural light as well but this session was more about experimenting. It all started with a session I had last week that was yoga-focused (see the post below this one). I wanted to add a moody element to it so I shut out all the light and used one video light (more to come on that). It was fun and I wanted to play around a little more with it, so as such I asked a friend to help me out and be my model for a day. We had a great time. I bent and twisted her like a contortionist and got not one complaint.

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