Before & After Beauty Portraits | Boudoir Photographer | Pittsburgh

Before & After Beauty Portraits Boudoir-1 Wow...before & afters just never get old for me. And I have to say, it's an interesting topic of conversation in the studio as well with clients as they are going through their transformation. :) I get a lot of "I thought you were probably just photographing models...not real women. Then I clicked over to your before & after gallery and realized that you really are photographing everyday women." Yes. Yes I am.

I wish I could share all the moments Justine and I get to see when each woman gets to see themselves for the first time after their makeover. Shock, a bit of disbelief....then a small smile, into a huge smile. Giddy.

And look how L here rocked it out. We had so much fun during her shoot. L wanted to incorporate some ballet type themes here and there and I'll have more on that later. For now I just wanted to show you her beautiful eyes and WOW that green corset. Looks like it was made just for her!

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer-1-2


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