Classic Beauty | Boudoir Photography | Pittsburgh

You know what I love most about photographing women? That no woman is the same. There are so many generalities and so many stereotypes regarding women but the truth is, we are a complex and unique bunch. From inside to out, we are each so different from the next. That's why I love what I do. I get to re-imagine femininity and sexuality with each and every woman that crosses my doorstep. With N, we went from Hollywood screen siren, to raw and exposed nakedness to soft and sweet....and on and on. One of my absolute most favorite sets was this one below. It was so soft, yet so powerful and to me had a very "Marilyn" feel to it. N obviously fell into this quite easily as you can see by the beautiful connection she made with the lens that she knew what she was doing and enjoyed herself thoroughly.

One big huge skirt, one lovely and confident woman and out came such beauty.

Boudoir Photographer Pittsburgh-2Boudoir Photographer Pittsburgh-1Boudoir Photographer Pittsburgh-3PS--totally madly in love with all those freckles. ;-)