Transforming Yourself Inside & Out | Beauty Portraits | Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Boudoir Glamour Photographer-1 Here is the email I received from S when she inquired about reserving a session with me:

"I want the boudoir experience. I want to get made up, dress frilly, be surrounded by flowers, and be sexy. I've been digesting your site for the past few weeks. And wondering if I can do it. The photos and videos are amazing!!!  These women have true beauty.  I feel like I haven't seen my true beauty in a while. I know it's there. What a wonderful way to capture it back and have that proof of the photo to look back to."

Ai yai ultimate, super-duper most-est ever-est favorite client ever. You tell me you want to the transformation, I tell you let's jump in with both feet and never look back.

S and I pinned, talked, dreamed and on game day we were fully loaded with all kinds of wardrobe ideas and set and ready to go. S told me it was important to her to be able to capture part of the transformation so I got to work. What I didn't know about S was that she has been on an inside transformative process for the past year. She spent this past year really digging deep, going deep into her innards to really find out who she truly is. And don't just sneeze that off...if you've ever done that it's a very exciting yet incredibly scary thing, all the while crossing your fingers that you come out on the other side better off. S regaled her experiences and her struggles but also the beauty and magic of it all. It was a fascinating conversation. And then she said "So you are part of this transformative process for me." Slam. Dunk. Just when I thought the day couldn't get any better and we hadn't even started shooting yet!

We had a blast and watching S open up and really enjoy herself was a true gift. She was a bit nervous, yet confident and powerful all at once. I could see that she made the decision to enjoy herself, through and through. It was awesome to witness. And she brought it home for me. She listened, worked with me and nailed it.

Pittsburgh Boudoir Glamour Photographer-2Pittsburgh Boudoir Glamour Photographer-3Pittsburgh Boudoir Glamour Photographer-4Pittsburgh Boudoir Glamour Photographer-5Pittsburgh Boudoir Glamour Photographer-6

Pittsburgh Boudoir Glamour Photographer-9Pittsburgh Boudoir Glamour Photographer-8Pittsburgh Boudoir Glamour Photographer-10Pittsburgh Boudoir Glamour Photographer-7And special thanks to my constant partner-in-crime Ms. Justine Kolano of Beauty Justified.