Colors & Creativity | Pittsburgh Wedding Floral Designs

I was just going thru my software to clean out some files from past weddings and just couldn't keep my eyes off of the floral designs for 2 of our weddings this year. Though they could not have been more different in style and design, one thing was quite obvious about both: the colors and designs were just magical. So I decided to highlight both today.

It just so happens that the floral designs for both of these weddings were created by April and her team over at Mocha Rose. Wow, what a feast for the eyes!

The first shown below is a wedding planned by Shayne Souleret by Soiree by Souleret. The bride, Shannon, and Shayne came up with the concept of "Anthropologie meets Kate Spade" and it was simply gorgeous! April came up with the concept to incorporate ombre florals throughout the space, even showing an ombre design in the bridesmaids bouquet. Brilliant!! Every table at the Children's Museum was themed with a different color and unique floral arrangement. It was a truly beautiful event!

Pittsburgh Children's Museum Weddings-1 Pittsburgh Children's Museum Weddings-11 Pittsburgh Children's Museum Weddings-10 Pittsburgh Children's Museum Weddings-9 Pittsburgh Children's Museum Weddings-8 Pittsburgh Children's Museum Weddings-7 Pittsburgh Children's Museum Weddings-6 Pittsburgh Children's Museum Weddings-5 Pittsburgh Children's Museum Weddings-4 Pittsburgh Children's Museum Weddings-3 Pittsburgh Children's Museum Weddings-2

This second day of eye candy, my fave of the year, was created by April again and was themed for "Dutch Still Life". Man she hit it right on the head. I couldn't stop taking photos!!! Each design was a work of art. Each design looked like a painting. And she coupled most designs with fruit combinations and it was so so so beautiful. I adore these these arrangements. And hosting the event at the ever so gorgeous Mansions on Fifth just brought it all to life!! Couldn't have chosen a better venue for this event!

Mansions on Fifth Weddings-1Mansions on Fifth Weddings-2Mansions on Fifth Weddings-3Mansions on Fifth Weddings-4Mansions on Fifth Weddings-5Mansions on Fifth Weddings-6Mansions on Fifth Weddings-16Mansions on Fifth Weddings-6Mansions on Fifth Weddings-7Mansions on Fifth Weddings-8Mansions on Fifth Weddings-9Mansions on Fifth Weddings-10Mansions on Fifth Weddings-11Mansions on Fifth Weddings-12Mansions on Fifth Weddings-13Mansions on Fifth Weddings-14Mansions on Fifth Weddings-15Mansions on Fifth Weddings-17Mansions on Fifth Weddings-18Mansions on Fifth Weddings-19Mansions on Fifth Weddings-20Mansions on Fifth Weddings-21Mansions on Fifth Weddings-22