Beauty On the Inside & Out | Beauty Portraits | Pittsburgh

Jumping Jehoshaphat....what a S.E.S.S.I.O.N did I have yesterday!! WOWZA!! From the minute that S contacted me I just knew we were going to have a session of a lifetime. And I must say ladies....I NEVER get enough black women in my studio!! Where are you?? You bold, brown beauties need to cross my doorstep way way more often! And here is why:

Beauty Portraits | Legacy Photos Pittsburgh-0003 Beauty Portraits | Legacy Photos Pittsburgh-0004

B.A.M. That smile, those eyes...that hair! AHHH!!!

And here is the email I came home to last night after S's session:

"Thank you so much to you and Justine. I had an unbelievable experience and I'm so happy with my choice to do this. You are incredible and Justine is so sweet and incredible at her craft. I felt so sexy, powerful, and strong as a woman. As a woman that was 80 lbs heavier, a wife, and a mom those moments for just me are few and far between. I couldn't be happier with my experience and I can't wait to see the pictures when they are perfect! I know I'm going to be so proud and I definitely know my husband is going to love the pictures.  Again thank you."

Just doesn't get any better than that, does it??

S was one of the loveliest women I have had the pleasure of photographing. She was nervous, sweet, so excited, and ready to feel a bit of her own power. We pinned like mad, brainstormed like crazy, had a wardrobe meeting where she tried a bunch of things on to make sure we got it just was so. much. freaking. fun. She talked about her children, her husband and how they met. She talked about her life, her friends and how thrilled she knew her husband would be with these photos. The beauty that glowed on the outside was a definite reflection of the beauty that S had on the inside. She was kind, humble, funny and very endearing. What a day!

You ready? Whatcha waiting for? Come cross my doorstep!