Pretty in Pink | Boudior Photography | Pittsburgh

I love pink. Every time I see pink I am immediately attracted to whatever it is that is glowing in that delightfully feminine color. I don't wear pink; I'm more of an earth tone kinda gal, but for some reason pink brings out the little girl in me.

Surprisingly...or not...most of my clients do not like pink. However, M was a different story. She instantly gravitated towards everything I had in my wardrobe that was pink. Good thing too because her hair color and skin tone just begged for nudes and pinks. This pink skirt you see her in is actually a vintage little number I got at a second hand shop. I cut the slip out of it so it is now sheer and the material just floats like feathers. It's quite lovely to photograph and it looked adorable on M.

There is simply something about the softness and femininity of pink.

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography-0001 Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography-0002Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography-0001-2 Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography-0004

Looking to get your pink on? Contact me. ;-)