What Type of Woman Do I Want to Photograph?| Boudoir Photography | Pittsburgh

Before & After Boudoir Photos-0001 That's a really good question, and here's a really good answer: I want to photograph any woman that looks in the mirror and wonders what it's like to not only feel sexy and powerful, but to see it in herself as well.

I've been a portrait photographer for less time than I've been a wedding photographer, but in that time  I have seen every type of woman cross my threshold. The confident, the self-conscious, the low self-esteem, the domineering, the sweet and soft, the desperate, the powerful, the girlie-girl and the tomboy. This list could go on and on but you get my point. I would say the most prevalent is the woman that wants to know if she's got a side to herself that may be dormant, but alive and bursting to get out. They want to know if they have "it". And every single woman that walks out of my door knows, by the time they leave, they not only have "it", they own "it", took "it" to school and are now CEO of "it". ;-)

M wanted to know she had "it" too. Here is an email I woke up to today:

"Hey Elizabeth,

I just wanted to thank you for such a great experience at my photo session yesterday. You should be so proud of what you do because your work is amazing. You have THE best personality for it as well. I have no idea how you narrow the photo choices because they are all soo good! I have such a baby-face for being 28 years old and I can be very self-conscious at times but you showed a different side. When I'm not paying for a wedding and honeymoon, I want to do the Couture Session. ;-) Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! ;-)"

Man I love my work. M totally rocked her session. Not only was she intuitive and aware of her own sensuality, but she let her guard down and allowed herself to feel it, see it and truly enjoy herself in this experience. It's not just about the photos when you walk out of my door; it's also about the experience of it all and how it makes you feel. THEN you get to be giddy about the photos when you see them. With me, it's a 3-tiered approach to your Elizabeth Craig Intimates Experience: 1. We build the dream. 2. You live the dream. 3. Your dream becomes immortalized in film to be enjoyed forever. And here is the awesome part; ALL three tiers are actually immortalized: every time you look at your photos you get to relive #1 and #2. Hopefully when you see those photos throughout your life it takes you right back to that day. That's the point, right? ;-)

M and I worked on her session from day one, discussing visually where we wanted to take this session. It was clear to me that M wanted to stick with  mainly boudoir-type photos but with a soft twist to each. So we added accessories such as cardigans, hats, boots and belts. And wow we all nailed it. M brought it to the table and was able to deliver whatever I needed from her. Justine turned M from a baby-faced young girl to a beautiful, sexy woman and I was so happy to be along for the ride.

So what type of woman do I want to photograph? Any woman that wants a beautiful portrait of herself. That's who.

Before & After Boudoir Photos-0002 Before & After Boudoir Photos-0003

Before & After Boudoir Photos-0006

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Contact me if you're that woman. ;-)