And She Glowed | Boudoir Photography | Pittsburgh

Yes yes yes...she glowed. A emailed me a while ago looking for a Christmas gift that would seriously surprise her husband. Seriously...I think this was mission accomplished. When A came in to meet with me she had her 1 1/2 year old daughter with her (poor babe was sporting a double ear infection and STILL she was the sweetest thing ever) and had just dropped her son off at preschool. She's a busy gal taking care of everyone else....sound familiar? So it was important to me to make this about A too. We chose the wardrobe, discussed hair and makeup, got the game plan together and settled in for a lovely pampering day for A.

When I asked how she dreamed of being photographed this was her response:

"I've always been a fan of ethereal type of beauty; at the same time, I recognize there is a fierceness about me I should be more willing to embrace."

Mission. Accomplished. (get a load of that last photo.....PHEEEYOOOOO!!!)

The Boudoir Experience-0002Before and After Boudoir Photos-0002Fierce Boudoir-0002

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