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Just a little holiday cheer to leave with you while you bust into those turkeys. I'm specifically giving you this eye candy because even though I cannot accept anymore sessions for the Christmas season, Valentine's Day is riiiiiiight around the corner. Don't forget to POW him with an album chock-full of photos of his favorite gal that was smart enough to reserve a session with Elizabeth Craig Intimates. ;-) You cannot go wrong there!

Meet Ms. A. We had a blast with A because she decided she wanted to incorporate a subtle 1920's feel to some of her wardrobe. Anytime I can add any era to a shoot I'm really excited. We tried to keep it simple and Justine did a fantastic job of mixing things up.

A was absolutely convinced that she would not be able to pull off any natural expressions or "realness" to her photos. Challenge. Accepted. I told her that's not her responsibility; it's mine. I mean, think about it: how many times have you been in front of a professional photographer all by yourself with no camouflage from other bodies to help hide your beautiful self?? When A went to my website and looked thru all of my photos she was also convinced they were all models. Until she perused my Before & After photos. That's when she realized they were everyday women, just like you and me. And then she figured, if they could do it, she could too. Oh wise one, A. ;-)

Since you have probably only been in front of a professional photographer, what....maybe twice, it is not up to you to get those faces nailed. It's up to me. And trust me...I have my ways....muahahahahaha.....

As you can see....I have my ways:

Glamour Before & After Photo

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Hair, makeup & wardrobe styling assistance by Justine of Beauty Justified.