What Fifty Looks Like | Glamour Boudior Photography for Women 50 +

Meet C. Ahhhhh C. :) She came in because she felt she may have lost a bit of her "oomph". Wow do I love that women that feel they've lost a bit of their "oomph" come to me to find it. Though, truthfully, C never lost a drop of her oomph; it was just playing hide-and-go-seek. She was so nervous! Even claiming that she considered cancelling her session the night before. But she found her brave and made it, I am very happy to report. After each series of photos I would show C how she was looking and each time I did that it was followed by some little giggles with the chin down. She loved them, I'm also very happy to report.

And let me tell you how I know C never lost a drop of her oomph: that "after" photo you see below right next to the "before" was taken 3 frames in. It only took me 3 clicks of the shutter to see that sparkle. Ahhhhh C. You're kidding yourself if you don't think you have any oomph left. It's been waiting for you to dig past the cleaning, cooking, working and putting everyone before yourself to find it.

Just look at you shine C!

Glamour Boudoir For Women over 50-0002

And for a little added extra I'm going to throw this one in too. This is what 50 looks like when all inhibitions are dropped for even just a moment.

Glamour Boudoir For Women over 50-0001