Styled Bridal Session | Pittsburgh

Oakie doakie. Hold onto your hats. I'm about to give you a big dose of the most delicious bridal session I have done to date. Let me give you a bit of background on this one. Jasmine is the lovely bride you'll see in this session. Jasmine has been with me for a few years as I did a beauty session with her a few years ago, then we did her and her gorgeous husband's Engagement Session and finally we brought it full circle when we did their wedding this past June. I'm very pleased to say that both Jasmine & Gabe's e-session and wedding were so fabulous that both got featured on Style Me Pretty. *gush* *gush* So, when I received an email from Gabe a week or so from the wedding asking what I thought about him purchasing an Elizabeth Craig Intimates gift certificate for his wedding gift to Jasmine...well...I'm sure you can imagine my response (cartwheels included). And I got see Jasmine open her gift so I was thrilled that she liked it (phew!)

Once Jasmine & I started talking about her session it became clear this one was going to be a little different and I was so excited. Jasmine decided she wanted something a bit more elegant, romantic, dreamy and bridal. So I immediately got on the horn to my good gal pal and colleague Alexis, one of the lead planners at Shayla Hawkins Events. Of course she jumped on board immediately. She was given full carte blanche in whatever she wanted to do with this, which is a dream for any planner. What I love about Alexis is that she knows how to put the right team together. She knows how to choose the right vendors that will compliment each others styles. And of course she chose all my fave vendors. :) April, owner of Mocha Rose Floral Designs, has such a timeless and romantic style to her florals. Truly, I have worked with April dozens of times and she always pulls thru with the most original, creative and whimsical pieces. Bella Christie has been one of my favorite bakeries for a while now simply because not only are their treats simply delectable, but they are just down right pretty. Like, girlie-sparkly-almost-too-good-to-eat pretty. Admittedly I had not had the chance to work with Anne Lehman, owner of Anne Lehman Designs, prior to this session but look out Anne...I will be ringing your doorbell from here on out anytime I need stationary and paper goods for shoots. Just look at the designs from Anne below!! They are just stunning!!! So adorable and I LOVE the key add-ons. Genius and so romantic!!! And of course, if you read my blog at all, you know how in love I am with the Mansions on Fifth. If Jennifer, the owner, would allow it I would move in right now. So beautifully restored, so warm, inviting and so luxurious. And last but not least, do I even need to say anything more about my best gal-pal, Miss Justine Lynn, owner of Beauty Justified. I continually throw visions of my dreams at her on a daily basis and seriously folks: not one complaint, not one "ummm...not so sure about that", just plain old dig in, hard work, bring magic and spread it all around. She always comes thru for me. ;-)

I adored Alexis' idea for this session. The theme for this shoot was "Day After the Wedding". So you'll see all the gorgeous details that tell that story: breakfast items, menu, honeymoon itinerary, suitcases, and just look at that beautiful garland of dried florals on the bed and the AMAZING draping florals on the mirror that April put together. All of it came together so incredibly.

So, a seriously BOOYA to all the vendors that pulled thru for this session. You. Rock.

And to Jasmine, my muse. Thank you for always trusting me. You're beautiful.

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And if that's not enough, make sure to check out the short film below featuring imagery and movement from our session (created by my awesome husband).