An Update on Ella

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 7.12.02 PM So as you know, we are still trucking along on a little thing we've titled "Project Get My Book Back with an Act of Kindness". Not exactly catchy but it works. We considered PGMBBWAAOK but for some reason it just didn't stick.

"Hi its Ella again. So far everything is going realy good and I'm having a BLAST! And I'm loveing this heres my update:

~We have collected 2 clothes donations ~We have collected $20 ~Mommy and Daddys bride put a box out at work and her friends are collecting stuff ~Mommys friend has her doctor collecting stuff ~I got a very nice letter from my Grandpa and Grandma Sandy telling me they are proud of me and a donation ~I am collecting stuff at my school

And my mom is super proud. Please help me collect more. Thanks for lisaning.

From Ella"

And there's your Ella Update for the day.

One more update as well: we are going to cut our open house donation day down to 1 day and that will be on November 9. If you're unsure what I'm talking about (for any of this for that matter) go here.

And I'd like to say how very proud I am of Ella. She's been very excited about the whole process and I think it's been a great experience for her so far. I'm sure other parents can relate, but it can be difficult the get a kid Ella's age, and younger, to wrap their head around not having what you need and depending on the generosity of others to help you get what you need. Hopefully this experience will bring her one step closer to understanding. And I truly hope this will be just the beginning of nurturing an empathetic heart into action.

I will say, there was one thing I didn't see coming: while snuggling on the couch after the glow of receiving the first donation, Ella said "Mommy, I'm glad I lied because now I get to do this." *sigh* Of course what followed was a conversation about lying not being necessary to be kind or to give but somehow I feel it only partially got in.

I'll keep working on that. ;-)

Remember, we are still collecting winter clothing items for women and children, books, non-perishable food items and bathing/shower toiletries. I have had such a wonderful response so far so keep it up! And to everyone that stated they'd like to donate please get in touch with me because I'd love to make a few pick up rounds next week with Ella.

Thanks everyone!