Fairytales & Puppy Dog Tails | Glamour Photography | Pittsburgh

Sugar and spice and everything nice.....I'm just full of sweet sayings today. ;-) Not gonna lie to ya....I loooove when a gal wants to get all girlie on me. Big skirts, gowns, sweetness and tons of poof. And I collect these things too....I just can't seem to pass up a big gown, wedding dress or prom dress I can rip apart to use in a session (which is what you see below. That skirt used to be a pastel yellow and part of a horrible prom gown that I ripped apart and just kept the skirt...then dyed it a greenish color for A). A instantly loved this giant skirt and I instantly saw a sweet little set in woods. Win/win!

Fairytale Boudoir-0001 Fairytale Boudoir-0002 Fairytale Boudoir-0003 Fairytale Boudoir-0004 Fairytale Boudoir-0005 Fairytale Boudoir-0006 Fairytale Boudoir-0007