Our Future in Film

Very excited to share this with all of you!  A year ago or so, John decided he had an interest in cinematography and went with it (love a man that just jumps in with both feet ;-)) He took a class, practiced, practiced, then practiced some more. And ya know what?? He's awesome at it. I mean really awesome. So we started doing short films for our Engagement Sessions (you can see one here, here and oh yeah...here too) and it really upped our game with our clients. So not only did some of our couples walk away with lovely photos but they also had a short film that they could share and download. Well...this led to a bit of a side project that John began and I have to say it's been fun, productive and has now become a new service we are beginning to offer individuals and companies looking to promote their business through film. I brainstorm all the genius storyboarding (yes...I said it...genius) and John lays down all the stupendous and creative filming and POOF! We have brilliance. Brilliance, I say. John has had a chance to work on a few things but this is his first official artistic commercial we did for our very good friend Raemie, owner and operator of In the Kitchen with Raemie.

And here it is! Take it in 'cuz it's a good one. And we have a few more projects in the works but if you have a business you're trying to promote you just might want to give us a shout. ;-)

Super sorry for the icky layout...having a problem with embedding but at least you can watch it!!

[wpvideo 7FLCvDRY]