Roughing It | Boudoir Photography | Pittsburgh

A bit more from A. :) I titled this post "Roughing It" because A did rough it a bit for me to be able to capture this set. We had this awesome barn we were photographing in and the light was just right. There were so many spaces in the barn I wanted to try out buuuuuut...this meant that A had to be ok with getting creepy with some creepers: like bats, barn mice, some spiders and lots and lots of webs. :-/ She pulled thru though and I'm proud of her ( spider near me and I would have been O.U.T. of there!)

It was worth it all....just look at her. Gorgeous.

Barn Boudoir Photos-0003Barn Boudoir Photos-0002Barn Boudoir Photos-0004Barn Boudoir Photos-0001

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