Celebrating You...Plus One | Maternity Photos | Pittsburgh

"Splitting yourself in two is the most radical thing you can do." --Ani Difranco So if you can believe it, this is a posting of my very first maternity session. Yup! Never had the opportunity to turn an Intimates session into a maternity session but when A described what kind of session she was looking for I knew I could do this for her. I'm only giving a small peek into her day for now but as you can see the tone of her photos are more ethereal and sensual rather than fun and flirty. Plus the camera just loved A. She connected instantly with the lens, which was awesome.

We kept it simple in styling and really just focused on her...who just so happened to have a bump. ;-) Focusing on her specifically rather than making her bump a priority allowed a lot of things to happen: firstly, to me this was about A. She has not delivered a baby yet so she is the one experiencing this session and she made it a point to make it clear that she was excited about this session and when the session was over she said those magic words, "Ohhh....I don't want it to end yet." So focusing on A was definitely a priority for me. Second, it's easier for me, creatively speaking, to photograph when the focus is on the person in front of me, rather than the person that which cannot be seen. A bump is a bump. How many different ways can you really photograph a bump?? So in designing this session I made sure to mostly choose styles and posing that any woman could do with or without a bump. But mostly I wanted A to have this experience all for herself. And if you have children you know why I wanted that for her. Because after that little one enters this world it will pretty much never be about A again. ;-)

It was wonderful to watch A transform. I could tell she loved each step of the process; from makeup and hair to choosing outfits to posing and coming up with ideas....she really allowed herself to settle into the day and truly enjoy it. I absolutely love love love when a woman does that.

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More to come...