Putting the Sweet in Sexy | Boudoir Photographer | Pittsburgh

Who knew a cardigan could be that sexy?? I looooove mixing something from a woman's everyday wardrobe into the mix of her boudoir session. It makes it comfy, sweet and it brings her style into her shoot. You know I want every woman that comes thru my door to bust out of her comfort zone and oh my, yes, we go there. But I also want each woman to have a set or more that includes elements of her own style. That's what makes the session hers. When she sees herself in "busting out of your comfort zone" clothes the eyebrows go up, the giant smile creeps across the face and a little giggle escapes, usually followed up with a "Whoa...that's me??". When she sees how sexy her everyday clothes can be I see the shoulders relax and a contented smile settle in. Because she finally sees that, yes, you do look pretty everyday, girl. Yep--that's you too! Rock on Sister!!

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