Bringing Boudoir Back | Boudoir Photographer | Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographers-0001 Yesssss ma'am.....bringin' it back. Well, it never really left but it sure did make a sweet title for a blog post so I'm keeping it. ;-)

I've had my little side business now for a short 5 years and it's been a fun ride. It's been such an awesome creative outlet for me and over the last year and a half it's been fun to add new elements to my style. I realized over the years that by doing straight traditional boudoir I had successfully eliminated a giant population of women that certainly want beautiful photos of themselves, but maybe not necessarily in a corset and thong. So I expanded my business to include beautiful, sexy photos of women in a more glamorous style with different fashions, but always including a set or 2 of traditional boudoir. It's been so ecstatically fun dressing women up in gorgeous gowns, skirts, tutus and I've run the gamut in fashion. Love it love it love it.

But somewhere along the line, women began to think I stopped doing boudoir. I didn't. I just wanted to show women that I do it all. And oh yes...I do it all. You have an idea? I'm your gal. Bring it. ;-) My first love will always be boudoir so for those of you out there that think it's been on the sidelines for me, think again.

I'm right here waiting for you....

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