The Secret Weapon of Craig Photography

So you look at the photos on this blog and (hopefully) you think "Wow...those are some lovely photos....Elizabeth rocks." (again...hopefully ;-)) But did you know that I have a secret weapon? This weapon is sleek, sly and if you will. This secret weapon is unexpected and often overlooked due to its quiet nature yet delivers such a pleasant surprise in its art that acknowledgement must be given. What is that secret weapon, you ask? It's John, my husband. :)

Since I run our wedding blog my voice is the one most often heard. Therefore everyone assumes every photo on this blog is mine. Not true. And often times because it is only my voice on this blog one might think it's just me here in this Craig Photography camp. Not true. I just happen to be the girlie girl that loves to write about shoes, dresses, linen choices, centerpieces and everything-wedding. But in the background my husband is capturing all the things that no one expected. He caught that moment when the tear ran down mom's face during the vows. He stopped in time the moment that Dad came unglued when his little girl walked out with that gown on. He was also there when the groomsmen played a sly little joke on the groom and he was right there in the corner when the bride leaned over to dry the groom's tears when the best man gave his speech.

We make a good team, John and me. Even during creative portraiture we have a system that we just kind of fell into. I talk with the couple, pose the couple and brainstorm with the couple. All the while this is going on, John is circling everyone capturing all the moments you didn't even know happened until you get your photos and POW! You sit in wonder that somehow that moment just got stopped in time. That smart remark that just came out of my mouth that just made you throw your head back with a giant roar of laughter? Yeah, he got that. ;-) That sweet little compliment I gave you both that made you look at each other all gooey-eyed? Yup, he got that too. Yes....we make a pretty slick team.

So just a little reminder that although Craig Photography can seem like a team of one....we are a (magnificent, If I do say so myself) team of two. You don't get 2 eyes for your day, you get 4. You don't get 10 hours of photography for your day, you actually get 20. And you're not just getting my artistic're also getting John's 20+ years of experience (and handsome good looks...if I do say so myself ;-)).

Not too shabby.