Love In A Crackhouse | Pittsburgh Engagement Photography

Yup. I said it. Love in a crackhouse. As you can see from the photo above there is a bit of explaining necessary. First off let me say this was one of the most interesting E-Sessions we've had in a long time. Tee hee! And lest you think I'm being insensitive for calling this house a crackhouse, rest assured...I am not making this statement for dramatics. It really was.

So yes, that is a crackhouse above. The house used to be in Jenn's family. It belonged to her grandfather and after he passed away it was inherited by her uncle. At the time it was simply a home in a town where both Jenn & Chris grew up (though they never met till much later in life). Once the town's nose dive turned into a suicidal plummet, Jenn's uncle was forced to move out because the neighborhood crack addicts took over his home and turned it into a crackhouse. But Jenn was a part of that house for the first 16 years of her life and had fond memories of this home and as you can see from the photo above....Chris & Jenn aren't exactly our everyday garden-variety couple. To say the least (which is exactly what made me fall in love with them instantly). So off we went (with a Police escort and all!)

As soon as John & I showed up at Jenn & Chris' home I realized what a seriously fun shoot this was going to be. Not only was Jenn trying to ever-so-cautiously to tell us we'd "be safe" in this house (which in any other person would insight fear...but in me only inspired a sense of adventure) but as you can see she and Chris are a bit of shall I say....paradox? Seriously....who can't have fun with that??

As you can see from some of the photos this was a very colorful place. The graffiti alone was just fantastic. Jenn & Chris were particularly partial to the Toxic Girl, so we gave her some love.

I love how John got the "Time to Grow" in there. Awesome.

And we did have a few very sweet moments between Jenn & Chris. The sun really was just glowing last night and couldn't pass up a few sweet shots.

But I must end with a photo, not so much Jenn's ring, but please take particular notice of her posh manicure. ;-) Did I mention that Jenn's wedding gown is being made as we speak? Yup. In the lovely shade of black. Can't wait for that wedding!!