Boudoir & Glamour Photography Before & After

What I love about Re-Creating the Concept of Boudoir is that this concept is so much more inclusive of any adult, female age group. Traditional boudoir isn't necessarily going anywhere but I definitely realized that if I wanted to pigeon-hole myself into one specific genre of boudoir I was pretty much only tapping into about 3% to 5% of this population. Yikes.

Once I realized that sexy, sensual and feminine could be found in any woman no matter what they were wearing I realized I had a whole new piece of the pie just waiting for me to take a bite. And let me tell you, it is so fun. In the past I've had women in the...ahem..."higher" age groups say to me "I would LOVE to do that....but I don't look anything like the women on your site. If you took a photo of my rear I'd probably cry and then slap you." *Sigh* Being in this...ahem...(semi) "higher" age group I can totally relate. But now what I hear is "I look at your photos and I think 'I could so do that.' There is so much more personality in your work now. It seems as if you're really taking the time to bring out the real parts of each woman." *Sigh* I think I just shed a tear of joy. ;-) I adore hearing that.

You're not just showing up for a photo shoot with me. It's now an experience. An experience for you. Just you. Solely for you, about you, expressing you, bringing out you and even tapping into a you that's just been waiting to get out and play. Can I get a 'hell yeah' ladies?? You with me on this?

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