Rachel & Dan | Buhl Park

Gotta squeeze in a few more of Rachel & Dan. Lately I've been posting so many details of Dan & Rachel's day that I feel it's time to focus on a bit of portraiture.

Buhl Park was an amazing location for Rachel & Dan's First Look as well as all of their wedding party and family photos. There was a grassy area in a small valley that allowed the sun to give a glow but no shadowing. Ah. Perfection.

I don't normally show too many family or wedding party photos but these ones just had to come out and play. And this is an excellent tip for couples about to walk down the aisle: if you can get all of your photography done outside of the church, including family photos, do it. It relaxes everyone, it allows intimacy and slows the process because you have no cute little (or mean and vicious) church ladies rushing you out the door. If you read my blog you know I am a big fan of First Looks so if you can do this, do it and then give enough time for all your photos for the day. It will allow a seamless flow to the rest of your day. If you don't want to do a First Look but like the idea of doing family photography outdoors think about the grounds near and around your church. You don't want to make family stray too far if you're doing everything after the ceremony because it's one of the more chaotic times of the day and I guarantee you'll lose someone to a potty, smoke or rest break or they'll get lost on the way and they'll never be found again.

You tell me...did this work out or what??