The Classic Bride | Pittsburgh Wedding Photography

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the glitz and glamour of photography that I feel the need to find my way back to the classics. Every bride and groom is different and every bride and groom has their own style and unique dynamic within their relationship. That's what  I seek out before I start snapping away or assisting them with their creative portraiture. Some are all giggles and smiles, some are quiet and intimate, others are simply traditional. That's what it was with Andrea & Jeremy: classic and traditional. I loved it. I loooooved it. If you're not sure what to do with a bride and groom don't be afraid to just come back to the classics. Andrea and Jeremy looked like the quintessential bride and groom to me. Teeny beautiful bride with a stunning gown and a debonaire and dashing groom that looks like she stepped out a 1950's Cary Grant movie (don't deny it're a cutie!) So I was excited to just keep it classic with them. Simple, easy and, most of all, romantic.

As you can see the back light was just alllll a-glow and I was all kinds of gonna-gobble-that-up as much as possible. When you can get that light right it just makes everything look so dreamy.