Re-Creating the Concept of Boudoir

What is Boudoir to you? When you say that term, for most of you the image of a women's parlor room probably comes to mind. Soft swaying curtains, settees, vanity with a big mirror and a woman sitting at the vanity with her corset, garter and heels on while primping herself for her man. Or your vision may be a woman with heavy makeup, a thong and a pair of heels that could launch you into outer space. In the traditional sense, this is what boudoir photography has been. Some photographers put their own spin on it but when you consider boudoir photography I think we all know what images cross your mind.

Well, I want you to start considering that boudoir isn't just stilettos, thongs, corsets and images dripping with sex, sex sex! Boudoir can be anything you want it to be. But remember this: boudoir is not just clothing. It is no longer an act of dressing up and taking photos to bring your significant other joy (although who can help but be excited for that). It is an act to bring your power back, to celebrate you as a woman and to rock your fierceness. Part of that can also be a summer dress swaying in the wind. A frilly skirt. It can be a vintage bodysuit, a t-shirt, a jumpsuit and yes....a gown. It is simply whatever makes you feel sexy and feminine. As I've said in recent posts, I've been working closely with my clients to help style them in a way that brings out the best in them. It has worked beautifully, I'm happy to say.

I will be writing a lot more on this but I want you to start imagining a new vision for what you consider Boudoir to be.

Boudoir isn't a style of clothing, it's a state of mind. ;-)