Laugh Like You Don't Care Who Sees You | Glamour Photography | Before & After Photos

Yes, that's right: laugh like you don't care who sees you. Lately I've been incorporating a lot more laughing photos into my shoots because I truly believe those are the photos that your grandkids will look at and see your truest nature. Also--they're just fun.

Now, go ahead and ask me: how do I get them to laugh like that? Well it takes coaching. I always talk to my clients before our session starts so that she can become familiar with certain commands and we do this together. I show her what I mean by smiling in the eyes, giving me smoke in the eyes....etc. If there comes a time and an outfit that I feel would fit well with a laughing sequence I talk with her about it and we practice it together before I pick up my camera. I tell her we're going to be big huge fools together and just to let it rip...let it come from the diaphragm. Now, when I show them what I'm talking about that's usually enough to get that laugh anyway because listen, I don't ask my clients to do anything I'm not willing to do and I find if I go waaaaaaaaaaayyy over the top with my own theatrics I can usually get them to at least give 75% and that's good enough for me. ;-) But I don't let them off the hook till I get the shot and I also laugh like a giant goofball while I'm shooting so she doesn't feel self conscious all while continuing to give her commands while we're laughing our tushies off: head back, chin forward, chin down, connect that shoulder...etc.

The reason I walk them thru it is because when we women laugh self consciously we curl our chins into our chests and end up giving ourselves 3 chins we don't normally have. Also--how can you expect your client to really let loose if you won't do it with them?? And trust's FUN!

So meet B. Here you'll see her before and after shots as well as that lovely smile and totally contagious laugh. Once I got B laughing I was able to get a real smile from her as well, which just lit up the room. For B I wanted softness. She has a very earthly look and feel to her and I wanted to bring that out in her wise eyes and knowing smile. Never forget to allow the camera to grasp the soul because those are the photos that live on forever.

And of course, a very special Thank You to Justine, owner and lead stylist at Beauty Justified, for bringing out B's gorgeousness. ;-)